Security Assessment

We specialize in the whole spectrum of penetration testing and assessment capabilities – right from information gathering, foot-printing, vulnerability assessment, exploitation, and reporting. Our penetration testing practices encompass web applications, client-server applications, infrastructure, ERP systems, mobile applications, wireless, social engineering, and a whole host of technologies and platforms.

Our Approach

Penetration Testing constitutes that part of a security assessment exercise which attempts to simulate the techniques adopted by an attacker in compromising the target systems. Our penetration testing methodology is well aligned with established standards and practices, combined with our extensive experience.

Types of Tests

Some of the pen-testing activities that we are involved in are:


  • Web Application Security Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Automated Port Identification
  • Risk-based penetration testing
  • Social Engineering test

Benefits in Engaging with Tech Measures

Our teams are highly passionate and committed to doing as comprehensive an assessment as possible. Our team members are also actively engaged in security research initiatives such as:


  • Security advisories of the vulnerabilities we have discovered
  • Penetration testing tools that we have developed
  • Out-of-box engagement
  • Team of certified professionals in relevant field

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Jan, 2015:Kentico releases its latest Kentico 8 CMS which is the most sophisticated release and is rich in features out of the box!.

March, 2015:E commerce implementation kicks off for a UAE based medical group

Nov, 2015:E-commerce implementation for a Swedish company kicks off

April, 2016:TM to represent one of the middle eastern startups in a regional conference

Sept, 2016:TM to provide consultancy services to a Mobile Medical App startup


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