Virtual Private Server (VPS)

We offer Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Cloud Server Hosting, as an extension to our web hosting services, to enable our customers to rapidly roll-out virtual instances as per their needs. Built on Vmware’s vSphere 4.0 Hypervisor, virtual instances in our environment are hosted on state-of-the-art tier-3 Data Center which are highly secure, easily configured and offer ease of customization.

Cloud Servers hosted in our enterprise-class public cloud are backed by best-of-class infrastructure from Dell, EMC and Cisco coupled with support from Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Ubuntu and CentOS Operating Systems.

Key Features Include

  • Provisioning of on-demand Virtual instances, CPU, RAM and local storage on servers – up and down, on the fly
  • Cisco hardware-based networking, including VLAN segmentation, customizable firewalls, load balancing, NAT and multicast
  • Cloning to create ‘customer images’ which can be used for deployment
  • Import and Export server images
  • Desicated or Share hardware
  • 24/7 dedicated technical support
  • real-time monitoring and Regular health checks

The biggest benefits of using a Cloud service are the cost savings that can be realized by removing reliance on a physical data management infrastructure. Companies can significantly reduce their operating costs and overheads by migrating their core processes to the Cloud and because you only pay for what you use you will never have to pay for what you don’t need.


  • You can test and develop application code which needs high end resources like CPU, RAM and Storage
  • You can provision resources like Load Balancer, Firewall and VPN modules on the go
  • You have the ability to add computing capacity for peak times or mission critical application
  • Can be used for an ad-hoc software development project by using a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering cloud

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Jan, 2015:Kentico releases its latest Kentico 8 CMS which is the most sophisticated release and is rich in features out of the box!.

March, 2015:E commerce implementation kicks off for a UAE based medical group

Nov, 2015:E-commerce implementation for a Swedish company kicks off

April, 2016:TM to represent one of the middle eastern startups in a regional conference

Sept, 2016:TM to provide consultancy services to a Mobile Medical App startup


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