Application Design & Architecture

Tech Measure has a proven track record of translating requirement specifications into a complete end-to-end design architecture of the new system.

Our design experts define functions and operations in detail, including screen layouts, business rules, process diagrams and other documentations. The output of this stage will describe the new system as a collection of modules or subsystems.

Total Clarity On What Is Happening

Design experts will furnish detailed document providing clear instructions as to what needs to be constructed, modified or integrated. This will consist of a descriptive document, accompanied by one or more of the following:

Key Benefits Include

  • Layout Designs
  • Software/Application flow
  • Wire frames and UI mock ups
  • Development schedule for time-lines
  • Requirement Specification Document
  • Solution Design Document

Why It Is Done

Without clear direction as to exactly what needs to be constructed, the development or programming team may either lose time asking for more direction, or provide their own interpretation, which may have ‘unexpected’ consequences.



Jan, 2015:Kentico releases its latest Kentico 8 CMS which is the most sophisticated release and is rich in features out of the box!.

March, 2015:E commerce implementation kicks off for a UAE based medical group

Nov, 2015:E-commerce implementation for a Swedish company kicks off

April, 2016:TM to represent one of the middle eastern startups in a regional conference

Sept, 2016:TM to provide consultancy services to a Mobile Medical App startup


Our Clients