QA & Testing

At Tech Measures we insure software engineering processes are followed and implemented to make sure that the system/application requirements are fulfilled.

QA engineers check and test the system for potential vulnerabilities and loopholes throughout the project life cycle.
Following areas are extensively covered during QA and testing phase:

Development Testing

Testing the software as the system is developed. This is carried out personally by the software developer.
Incremental Testing: In many cases, development is done in groups of features or fixes. Incremental testing is the process of testing each of items in the given group. It is a good way of catching issues before they make it to the final build.

Release Testing

Prior to the release of a new version of the software or module, a formal series of tests are conducted by the test pilot, following a comprehensive list of test criteria. These tests are listed later in release document. This testing is specifically not performed by the person who developed or modified the code in the first place, to try and limit any assumptions as to correctness.

Installation Verification

Following agreement that the software works according to requirements, an installation package is constructed. Testing of this installation package is performed to verify that it will install a correctly operating version of the software on a target machine.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing involves the testing of new or updated software by the user or client, and the formal acceptance on their part that it performs as per requirements. The user should ideally perform a series of tests as outlined on a checklist, to verify the satisfactory operation of the software.



Jan, 2015:Kentico releases its latest Kentico 8 CMS which is the most sophisticated release and is rich in features out of the box!.

March, 2015:E commerce implementation kicks off for a UAE based medical group

Nov, 2015:E-commerce implementation for a Swedish company kicks off

April, 2016:TM to represent one of the middle eastern startups in a regional conference

Sept, 2016:TM to provide consultancy services to a Mobile Medical App startup


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